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PPS Paint preparation System description and end uses

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PPS Paint Cup System description and end uses

Thunder Finish PPS paint cup system Spray Cups are a disposable lid and liner system for the application of a variety of coatings. The system is designed for use with solvent based and/or water-based coatings. It is a closed paint system which eliminates the need for separate mixing cups and filters. Specifically, designed adapters allow operators to use the PPS system with nearly any spray gun

PPS Cup lids and liners Physical Properties

Element  Material of construction

Liner  LDPE (Low density polyethylene)

Lid  PP (polypropylene)

Filter  Nylon 6

Directions for Use

• Insert a disposable liner in the cup

• Mix paint inside the PPS Cup and Liner

• Place lid carefully on top of cup and push down – you will hear a click when

the lid is correctly engaged. Attach the collar and carefully tighten onto the

outer cup.

• Choose the right adapter for your spray gun - push down and twist until

adapter locks into lid

• When finished spraying, disconnect air-line, invert gun and pull trigger to

return excess paint to cup, allowing any excess paint to drain back into the liner

before detaching the gun.

• Use the PPS Cup Sealing plug to seal and protect coatings not in use, in

accordance with local regulations or authorities

Consult paint or solvent Safety Data Sheets (SDS) in addition to local regulations or

authorities for safe use and proper disposal.

Technical Data Sheet


• Use the red PPS Dispensers - work with all PPS Lids and Liners

• For storage paints and coatings, please consult paint or solvent Safety Data

Sheets (SDS) for storage conditions and shelf life information

• If paint and coatings will be storage in PPS System, you may need to use a new

lid when spraying if the paint has dried out. Always follow manufacturers’

guidelines for storage of any coatings.


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) helps reduce exposure to certain workplace

hazards. It is ultimately the responsibility of the employer to select the most

appropriate PPE based on a full risk assessment. Always read the product

performance, warnings and limitations from coating manufacturer before selection

and use.