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Disposable PPS Paint Cup System FAQs


1, can we print company logo on PPS cups?

Normally no one print logo on liners and lids, but you can design your logo and print on the PPS outer cups (Hard Cup)

at the same time, we will send you packing box size guide, you can print anything you want on the box.

2, where can I buy THUNDER FINISH PPS cup online?

As a PPS manufacturer, we only deal with distributors all over the world, we never sell pps paint preparation system online

3, does your company sell spray gun also?

As a plastic production enterprise, we only produce plastic products like PPS and Paint Mixing Cups, but we can also supply PPS metal adaptors.

4,why should I use THUNDER PPS instead of others ?

It is cheap, but has the same function and high quality. we always offer best after-sale service for our customers.

5, is there any way to get/test your pps cup?

We always offer free sample to our customer, you can contact our salesman for getting samples

6, Why is your PPS Cup cheaper than others?

You may get higher price from PPS trader ,some of them taken PPS Cup from us, as a manufacturer, THUNDER FINISH is always supply products with reasonable and competitive price

7, Where can I get more information about THUNER FINISH ?

You can visit www.thunderpps.com , or through Email: Justin@thunderfinish.com .


If you have any questions or questions,please email or usr our contacts.We will be happy to answer your questions.

If you have any questions or suggestions,please leave us a message and we will reply to you as soon as possible.