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  • Pump Solvent Spray Bottle
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    TPS CUP 1.0
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    1L 1.5L 2L
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    1L 1.5L 2L
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Product Details

Pump Solvent Spray Bottle

The pump solvent spray can comfortably fit with chemicals made up of water. Such chemicals are found commonly in the body of the vehicles. At the same time, it also matches effectively with the solvents of heavy duty.
These solvents sprays are very useful for the formation of car paints. It also includes facilitation in making spray thinners, grease removers or wax.
The product is free of silicone stuff. Though it makes viton seals not to swell.
One bottle of pump solvent spray bottle contains the liquid quantity of 1-liter capacity.
The worker in the auto body shop can easily develop the pressure in a liquid container through pumping of the handle.
For using the spray bottle requires user a simple push of the spray button. Consequently, it discharges constant and even mists smoothly. Hence, it can easily regulate through rolling nozzle nut.
The body color is white. However, handle, and rest of the part is in black.
The solvents in the pump are user and environment-friendly.

Benefits of Pump Solvent Spray Bottle
The performance and function of the product are fair enough to serve auto workers, and it can efficiently use for coloring and paint the car.
The pump is lightweight to use for car polishing and coloring.
The design is attractive and eye catchy.
Easy to use and handle while applying to the body of the vehicles.
The results after spraying of the solvent are durable and long lasting over the vehicle.
The packaging facility depends on the buyer’s requirement.
Anona delivers the product with the top-notch quality with economical price. If you are car workshop owner, after using our product you will find better performance as compared to another brand you use.


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