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    Liner lid hard cup&collar
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Product Details

400ML PPS Cup

PPS Spray Gun Cup System

All pps cup moulds are developed by ourselves.

1,Hard cups and collars support liners for the TPS Paint Preparation System, PPS

2,TPS cup is an all-in-one disposable solution for measuring, mixing, filtering, and spraying of paint materials.

3,System enables the painter the ability to consistently spray at 90° to the part, no matter the part orientation (even upside down)

4,The all-in-one solution reduces the chance of outside contamination and reduces paint consumption.

5,TPS paint cup reduces cleaning solvent consumption by up to 70% and reduces prep and clean-up time by up to 15%

6,System delivers improved quality, lower material cost, less solvent consumption, improved productivity, less mess and easier use

7,Consistent Material transfer, increase the probability of colour Match, improve quality.

8,Easier to use: work smarter, not harder



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