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China PPS Cup Manufacturer-Thunder Finish FAQs

Q: are you a manufacturer or trading company ?

A: Thunder Finish is a PPS manufacturer/factory in China, and started PPS production business since 2015

Q: where can we get your PPS CUP ?

A: for an order, we ship PPS CUP from China Ningbo port to our customers

Q: can we get some samples for testing ?

A: we offer free samples to our clients for testing, and normally buyers pay the shipping cost

Q: what kind of filters does your company supply ?

A: there are two types of filters on PPS CUP lids, 125 micron and 190 micron, we can supply both of them

Q: how does your company pack for PPS paint cup ?

A: we pack PPS as 50 liners 50 lids 20 caps in one carton, and can add one set of hard cup & collar in it if you need

Q: what is the advantage of Thunder Finish ?

A: we have been cooperated with BASF for many years, and always supply rock bottom price with very high quality PPS cup to our customers.

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