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350ML 700ML 1400ML 2300ML,


Paint Mixing Cups for car body painting. We are paint mixing cups manufacture in China and can supply 350ML 700ML 1400ML and 2300ML, all cups are come with lids also.What is the most important for paint mixing cups ?   it is the ratio!
with several years effort, our paint mixing cup has a very precise ratios and passed the test of very famous companies in automotive refinishing industry. at the same time, we use the best plastic materials to make cups.
How do we pack for paint mixing cups ?
350ML paint mixing cup  200pcs/box
700ML paint mixing cup  200pcs/box
1400ML paint mixing cup  200pcs/box
2300 paint mixing cup 200pcs/box
MOQ is 100 boxes.

why choose Thunder Finish as a paint mixing cups supplier ?
1. We are manufacture and can control quality 100%
2. We have a professional team to serve our clients and can handle everything in exporting business
3. Most competitive price in the market
4. Free samples are avaliable from us

When we finish an order, we will have below inspection steps.
Check the cartons surface, if any cartons broken, we will replace new carton.
Check the marks on the carton, if it is as customers requirements or not.
Leaking inspection, inspectors will pick 10 sets from 10 boxes. And test by 2 times, morning and afternoon, 5 sets each time. Then deliver the report to QC Manager. And QC Manager & Production Manager will check the results again. After both of them agree the results, and then sign on the sheet, it means the order is agree to ship out.
Thunder Finish, a reliable paint mixing cup supplier in China


If you have any questions or questions,please email or usr our contacts.We will be happy to answer your questions.

If you have any questions or suggestions,please leave us a message and we will reply to you as soon as possible.