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2022 TPS 2.0 watching for new distributors !

Createtime: 2022/02/04 Views: 1361

With 2 year’s effort, TPS FINISH developed a new pps cup version in 2022.

·Brand: TPS Finish

·Product Name: TPS 2.0 New Paint Cups

·Patent: Independently Owned

·Volume: 100ml/200ml/400ml/600ml/800ml

·Material: Food Grade PP,LDPE

·Filter type: 90mic/125mic/190mic

·Item: Lid/Liner/Stopper/Outer Cup/Collar

·Package: 50 Lids+50 Liners+20 stoppers+1

outer cup+1 collar

*We have our own patent for this cup, it will have nothing about the patent issues with any other brand.

1.New Design wider nozzle, provides faster & smoother flow, easier lock in&out, and stronger hold to spray gun.

2.Lids are produced by one-piece molding tech, sure 100% no-leakage in anywhere and any angle.

3.New Design collar, provides more convenient & stable lock.

4.Softer & more transparent liner, reducing the remains of paint, and for easier observation.

5.Stronger and more transparent outer cup, provides painting & mixing 2 in 1, clear scale print for more accurate calibration