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Why you need to use PPS cup for your work ?

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Why you need to use PPS cup for your work ?

First is various sizes

When you meet spot repair and panel repair, you will use different size of PPS cups, we manufacture 350ML 650ML 850ML, these cups will help you get all options.

Second, never clean a paint cup again

Thunder Finish cup system is a disposable mixing system, when you finished your painting, just through away the liner and lid, and it is also very easy to clean the spray gun, it will help you save time

Third is the key advantage of PPS

A key advantage of this closed system is that it enables a painter’s spray gun to function at any angle, even upside down! This makes material transfer more consistent, limits paint overspray and lowers paint consumption. Because PPS is a closed system, you can operate in any orientation -  i.e. 360 degrees.

FAQ about Thunder Finish PPS Cup Supplier

Is Thunder Finish a manufacturer or a trader?

Thunder Finish is a manufacturer of plastic products, now mainly produce PPS cups and paint mixing cups

How can we test your PPS cup system?

You can use water or paint, pour into the liner, connect with the adapter and to see if there is a leakage, you can get free sample from us at any time.

Can you ship PPS cups to our company door ?

Yes, if you can send us your company address, we will quote you the shipping cost to your door.