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Benefits of the PPS Cup Liners & Lids System

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Benefits of the PPS Cup Liners & Lids System

Reduce Waste

Only use the paint you need no cleaning out of liners with thinners. Use and throw away, our cup system comes with disposable liners and lids

Speed up paint colour change time

Disposable liners mean no cleaning and increased paint changeover time. Each PPS system has a ratio guide on the side to aid correct paint mixing. Thunder Finish cup system has the most accurate ratios on the outer cup, it’s very important in the painting.

Use with virtually ANY spray gun

Specially designed system to work with most mainstream guns/

Enclosed lid system means you can use upside down unlike a filter setup

Lock in liner system and turn lid means once the paint is secured you can rotate the gun to any angle without paint quality loss. Get into all areas of your job quickly and efficiently.

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