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PPS cup supplier

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Are you looking for high quality and cheap PPS cups for automotive repair paint ? then we THUNDER FINISH will be your best choice.

We are pps cups and paint mixing cups manufacturer in China, and can supply full range sizes, why we can offer high quality pps ? because we use best plastic raw materials to make paint preparation system cups.

The general way to cooperate with THUNDER FINISH

1, Free samples

We always supply free samples to our customers, and you may need to pay the shipping cost only. Confirm the cup size, quantity, special requirements and so on, samples will be sent in 2 working days

2, PPS cup testing

You can test our pps cup with paint or water, with our adaptors, you can connect with any brand spray guns

3, Place your order

After you made the deposit payment, we will start the production for PPS cup lids liners, the lead time is always take 2 weeks

4,Booking vessel

You can use your own forwarder, or the container can be shipped by us.

5, Delivery

We wish that you can be our PPS system distributor in your country.