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Automotive Refinish PPS Disposable Cup System

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How does TPS FINISH conduct the inspection of PPS CUP in daily routines? In order to ensure the quality and stability of our PPS CUP SYSTEM, TPS FINISH has a complete inspection system. The first step is the inspection of raw materials for producing PPS PAINT PREPARATION SYSTEM. When purchasing PPS plastic raw materials, we use only new materials to produce PPS. New plastic particles have better transparency, quality, and cleanliness, and a qualified raw material supplier is very important. In this regard, TPS FINISH has established a file of qualified suppliers, and we conduct supplier assessments every quarter to ensure that the quality of their supplied raw materials is consistent.

When producing SPRAY GUN CUP LINERS, we have two workers selecting PPS LINERS. If there are folds or stains on the inner cup, the inner cup is deemed unqualified and is selected by our workers for destruction. We have special measuring tools to check the size of PPS LIDS and LINERS. The size of PPS LIDS is mainly matched perfectly with PPS ADAPTER. The size of LIDS cannot be too large, which is not conducive to joint assembly and disassembly. Of course, the size cannot be too small. Once the size of LIDS is too small, leakage is easily caused. This step is very important. After the combination of LIDS and LINERS, we add water or paint into the LINER, cover it with the lid, and upside-down it for 15-30 minutes to inspect for leakage.

The inspection of the outer cup of PPS SPRAY CUP mainly focuses on whether the COLLAR and outer cup are perfectly compatible and whether the scales and prints on the outer cup are accurate and clear. In our daily inspection, it also includes the inspection of the color box to check if the print content is correct, clean and clear.