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China PPS Cup Price Analyze

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when you looking for a PPS Cup supplier, you may get different quotation from different pps paint system supplier, why ?

definitely you will get an expensive quotation from a trading company, but sometimes for different manufacturers, the price is also different.

here are some reasons.

some pps cup manufacturers are comparing their pps price with 3M, so they set a high price and wish to make more profit.

you may get different quality level of PPS cup, then of course the price is different.

why TPS FINISH' s PPS CUP has high quality but with the lowest price in the world ?

because we have a wide range of products,especially for sandpaper, pps cup and masking tape, we won't make much money on one item like pps cup,

we wish to establish a supply cooperation with you on all items or mostly. nowadays everybody can find a supplier from internet,exhibition etc, we wish to 

make ourself be the most competitive one, this is TPS FINISH's strategy.

contact us freely for more information.

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