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PPS Cup System

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How to buy PPS paint cup from TPS FINISH CO.,LTD ?(www.thunderpps.com)

PPS Cup System Factory Supply : Justin@thunderfinish.com

1-5 boxes of PPS Cup

TPS will ship several boxes to you as sample, in this quantity, paint spray cups will be shipped by air express, and will take around one week to deliver

20-50 boxes of disposable PPS system

You can buy 20-50 boxes of PPS paint spray cup from our distributors in your country, it will save time but you need to pay more

100-300 boxes of spray gun paint cups

We always make 100-300 boxes as MOQ, if you need PPS cup as 300 boxes, you can buy from TPS FINISH CO.,LTD directly. Here are two ways to deliver the cups, first one is we ship goods to the port in your country, then your forwarder pick up PPS cup order at the port, second of course we can ship the order to your company door directly.

1000-10000 boxes of PPS cup lids and liners

In this quantity, you can be our distributor in your area, we can offer much competitive price for you, you can save money and time, and get full support from TPS FINISH.

Note: One box=50 liners+50 lids+20caps

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